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Withdrawing from Courses

Dropping Courses

The last day for making changes to your registration in each term is posted yearly under the Registrar’s Office Sessional Dates. It is important to familiarize yourself with these dates at the start of each term.

Students have until this deadline to add and drop courses in each term. Courses dropped by the last day to make registration changes are removed fully from your record and refund for the tuition is given.

If you believe you have an outstanding refund that should have been received, please contact the Student Accounts & Cashiers Office.

Students are fully responsible for any outcomes that are a result of registration changes.

Cancelling Courses Without Failure by Default

Once the last day to make registration changes has passed, students can still withdraw from courses until the last day to cancel courses without failure by default. This deadline is found in the Sessional Dates. Cancelled courses will remain on your transcript with a notation of ‘W’ indicating you withdrew from the course. Cancelled course are not factored into your average.

Students do not receive a full refund for cancelled courses. The amount of tuition returned is dependent on how late into the term the course is cancelled. Please check the cancellation fee schedule on the Student Accounts & Cashiers’ website for more information. If you have any questions about an outstanding refund, please contact their office.

After the last day to cancel courses without failure by default, you must remain enrolled in your courses.

When adding, dropping, and cancelling courses, you are responsible for the following:

  • ensuring your course selection meets the requirements for your program
  • any effects to your full-time/part-time status, fees, and eligibility for such things as graduation, scholarships and financial aid (e.g. OSAP)

If you have any concerns about cancelling courses, please contact the Academic Advising Office.