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Request for Deferred Examination

A request for a deferred examination is completed when a student misses a final examination due to compelling medical or personal reasons. Students in Humanities may submit a request for deferred examination form and the accompanying documentation (e.g. McMaster Student Health Certificate) to the Academic Advising Office. Students in a program outside of Humanities should contact their own faculty/program office.

It is the student’s responsibility to check on the status of their deferred exam request. This may be tracked in the Mosaic Student Centre in the drop-down menu ‘other academic…’ and ‘deferred exam approvals’. Students must be available during the Deferred Exam Period (published under the Sessional Dates). Students who have been approved for a deferred exam should check their personal exam schedule approximately 10 business days before the deferred exam period to learn the specific date, time, and location.

Deferred examination requests will not be granted for the purpose of travel. The final examination periods for the fall and winter terms are published well in advance of the start of the school year, and students are expected to be available for the entire examination period.

If a final examination has already been written, no special consideration will be granted.

Before You Apply

Click here to review full information regarding deferred exams from the Scheduling and Examinations Office.

How to Apply

Complete the application below and submit it with your accompanying documentation to our office. If you are a student in another faculty, you must apply for a deferred exam in your own faculty office.

Request for Deferred Examination Form (PDF)