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C.C.E. Certificate and Diplomas

It is possible for students in Humanities programs to pursue a certificate or diploma from the Centre for Continuing Education (C.C.E.) towards their electives. Interested students should meet with an academic advisor to discuss this option.

Conditions and regulations include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • C.C.E. has a completely separate admission and registration process. Students are solely responsible for following their policies, procedures, and deadlines.
  • Courses taken at C.C.E. do not count towards a student’s full-time/part-time status at McMaster. This is something to be considered  for such things as O.S.A.P. or other funding eligibility.
  • Transfer credit for C.C.E. certificates and diplomas is granted as a block of elective credit only once the certificate/diploma has been fully completed and indicated as such on the student’s transcript. That is, we do not give transfer credit on a course by course basis. If the certificate or diploma is not completed in full, no transfer credit is given.
  • Students are responsible for being mindful of their intended date of graduation from their undergraduate degree, and ensuring that the notation of completion of their C.C.E. certificate or diploma is done in time for the faculty to review you for graduation. If you are unsure about your timing for graduation, please contact the Academic Advising Office.
  • Students are also responsible for being aware of how much transfer credit to expect from the work through C.C.E., and their overall requirements for their degree program.
  • Grades received in courses through C.C.E. are not factored into your average at McMaster. The block of credit will appear with a ‘T’, indicating transfer credit.
  • C.C.E. certificate and diploma transfer credit can be used only towards electives.

Further information can be found here in the undergraduate calendar.

For information on C.C.E. programs, please contact their office directly.

To meet with an advisor to discuss pursuing this option, please contact the Academic Advising Office.