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The Humanities Academic Advising office is offering virtual appointments. To book a virtual academic advising appointment, CLICK HERE.


Enrollment Dates for 2020-21, click here.

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We advise all students to review their Advisement Report on Mosaic prior to enrolling in courses. The Advisement Report details which courses are required for graduation. If you have reviewed your Advisement Report and still have questions about your course enrollment for 2020-21, feel free to contact the Humanities Advising office here.


Common Error Messages:

“Available seats are reserved and you do not meet the reserve capacity criteria”:

The error message you are receiving indicates that the remaining seats in the course are reserved for particular student groups, for example, students who require the course as part of their degree requirements.

Reserved seats will be released throughout the summer. All reserved seats are typically released by the first week of September for Fall term, and the first week of January for the Winter term. You should check back on Mosaic for seat availability in the course periodically. You may be able to enroll as reserved seats are released, or if someone else drops the course.

Course is full: 

If a course is full/closed, then there are no other seats available. If the course is specifically required for you to graduate, please contact your faculty office.

I received an error message that says I do not meet the prerequisite for a Humanities course, but I know that I do. Who should I contact?: 

If the course is in Humanities, please contact the Humanities Academic Advising Office, and we will look into this for you. If a course states you need ‘Departmental Permission’, then you must seek permission from the department offering the course before you can enrol. If the course is offered in a different faculty, please contact that faculty directly.