Contact a Humanities Office or Academic unit.
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The final exams for winter term and multi-term courses are being written across campus from April 12 to April 29. Please ensure you check your exam schedule in Mosaic.

As per the general academic regulations, special examination arrangements may be made in the following circumstances:

–conflict with religious, indigenous, or spiritual observances (please visit the RISO information page)

–conflict between two Registrar-scheduled examinations

–schedule with three consecutive seatings (e.g. 4:00 pm, 7:30 pm, and 9:00 am the next morning)

–schedule with three examinations in one calendar day (midnight to midnight)

If any of these circumstances pertain to you, please visit the Scheduling and Examinations Office in Gilmour Hall-114.

If you require information about deferred exams, please visit the deferred examinations page.