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Student Appeals

Below outlines procedures for submitting student appeals and petitions within the faculty and the university.

Petition for Special Consideration

In the interest of equity, the Faculty of Humanities adheres strictly to all deadlines and academic regulations as stated in the University Calendar. Exemptions from a deadline or regulation may be granted if the student is able to demonstrate good cause supported by documented evidence. Petitions for Special Consideration should be submitted to the Assistant Dean (Studies) in CNH-107. A response will be sent to your McMaster email.

Petition for Special Consideration Form (PDF)

Formal Student Appeal Procedures (University Secretariat)

The University has a responsibility to provide fair and equitable procedures for the lodging and hearing of student complaints arising out of University regulations, policies and actions that affect students directly.

Below please find a link to the University Secretariat’s webpage on Student Appeal Procedures. Within this you will also find links to the following documents:

  • Form A (Application for a Formal Re-Read/Re-Assessment)
  • Form B (Application for Formal Inquiry)
  • Form C (Application for Appeal to the Senate Board for Student Appeals)

Student Appeal Procedures

If you have questions about a submitted student appeal in Humanities, please contact the Assisant Dean (Studies) of Humanities, Jackie Osterman.