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Applying for Reinstatement

May Not Continue at University

If the result of your last academic session is ‘May Not Continue at the University’, this means you are ineligible to continue at McMaster unless you are reinstated to the university. To apply for reinstatement, you must complete a Reinstatement Application Form, available from the Office of the Registrar in Gilmour Hall 108.  Applications are due by June 30 for September entry. Applications are due by April 1 for Spring/Summer entry.

When completing a reinstatement application, students should address the following questions:

  • What circumstances impacted your ability to succeed academically? You are welcome to include any documentation (e.g. doctor’s note) that you feel will aid in your application.
  • How have you resolved, or plan to resolve, these concerns in order to be successful if reinstated?
  • If reinstated to the Faculty of Humanities, what program do you plan to pursue?

Applying does not guarantee reinstatement. The faculty considers both the strength of the student’s application as well as the number of spaces available in our programs.

Required to Withdraw

If, at any review after reinstatement, the student’s Grade Point Average falls below 3.5, they will be ‘Required to Withdraw’ from the university for a period of at least 12 months. It is expected that during this time, students will work to resolve any difficulties that interfered with their academic performance, and be able to provide evidence of the ability to succeed academically in Humanities should they apply again for reinstatement.

If able, we recommend students pursue coursework through a College of Applied Arts and Technology, or through Distance Education courses offered by universities such as Athabasca or Ryerson. These courses should focus on subjects and skills offered by Humanities, particularly in essay writing. Transcripts from such courses should be included in your reinstatement application.

To inquire further about the reinstatement process, please contact humanities@mcmaster.ca