Have a Question? Contact the Humanities Office or an Academic Unit

Changing Programs

If you wish to switch to a different program in the faculty, make sure you first qualify by checking the admission requirements of the program in question. If you qualify, you can request the change in your Mosaic Student Centre using the drop down menu ‘other academic’ and choosing ‘service requests’. It is always recommended that students first discuss a program change with their advisor to ensure admission requirements are met and program requirements can be reviewed.

If you wish to switch to a program in a different faculty, you need to be in contact with that faculty office to discuss requirements and the process for changing.

Below is a list of the advising/programs contacts on campus:

School of Business: buscom@mcmaster.ca, DSB-104
Faculty of Engineering: JHE-A214
Faculty of Health Sciences: fshadv@mcmaster.ca
Faculty of Humanities: humanities@mcmaster.ca, CNH-107
Faculty of Science: science@mcmaster.ca, BSB-129
Faculty of Social Sciences: socscfac@mcmaster.ca, KTH-129